Gourmet box "Le Vendôme"

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Gourmet box "Le Vendôme"
Gift box with 1 box ROY of 15 traditional chocolates, dark chocolate Napolitains, Cognac Raisins coated with chocolate, thin butter biscuits, chocolate bar and Nougatine, 1 milk chocolate bar and 4 dried fruits, Calissons d’Aix, Florentins, crunchy cereals coated with salted milk caramel, Nougats de Montélimar, 1 dark chocolate bar with message


Presented in an elegant velvet, red and black, box (32x18x10cm), the gift set includes gourmets items 100% made in France:

1 box ROY with 15 traditional chocolates (140g)

1 pack of 70% dark chocolate Napolitains (32 pieces) (160g)

1 pack of Cognac Raisins coated with chocolate (200g)

1 pack of thin butter biscuits (130g)

1 dark chocolate bar with Nougatine (130g)

1 milk chocolate bar with 4 dried fruits (130g)

1 pack of Calissons d’Aix (7 pieces) (70g)

1 pack of Florentins (10 pieces) (80g)

1 pack of crunchy cereals coated with salted milk caramel (150g)

1 pack of Nougats de Montélimar (100g)

1 dark chocolate bar with message (Merci, Joyeuses fêtes,…) (45g)

net weight: 1335g



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